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The activity of Cafimar Group starts in the ‘50s when Captain Salvatore Cafiero becomes the owners of the Scinicariello fleet operating since 1880 at first with cargo vessels and with vessel tankers afterwards. The ambition of Captain Cafiero developed the activity towards the harbour towage service, at the beginning operating in the port of Augusta (Sicily) together with the off-shore towage, the assistance and the rescue of ships in difficulty.

During the following years, the Group increased its business and its competences by purchasing  new ships and first of all thanks to the acquisition of new harbour towing licences, at the beginning in ports of great strategic interest, such as Milazzo, Messina, Siracusa and Catania in Sicily, and later in Liguria (La Spezia) and in Lazio (Civitavecchia).

Nowadays, the Cafimar Group is controlled by the Russo family and its structure originates from the division of various companies since 1986, after Captain Cafiero demise. Later, the growth of the Group continued through the development of activities already undertaken, through the acquisition of other companies operating in the same field such as Somat S.p.A., which is the licensed towage company in the ports of Palermo, Trapani and Marsala, and through the establishment of new companies with the aim of diversifying the range of activities carried out and entering other profitable sectors.

The Management records a large family presence, well supported by highly-skilled managing directors for each area of activity. 

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